Maurice Fuller

The digital transformation of your staffing firm has never been more vital. Yet acquiring the right staffing technology for your business can take up to two years, and stall your ability to compete in a rapidly evolving environment. StaffingTec helps staffing firms accelerate their digital transformation journey through our monthly interactive digital event platform, StaffingTec365, and annual in person conference, StaffingTec Connect.

Turn Kickoff Calls into Audible Job Descriptions

Turn kickoff calls into audible job descriptions

Honeit announces audible job descriptions Honeit Software – a producer of conversational interview technology – has announced an exciting innovation to help recruiters sell job opportunities more effectively to candidates. Honeit audible job descriptions allows recruiters to turn hiring manager kickoff calls into audible job previews. Audible job descriptions make it easy for candidates to […]

Automate Processes To Speed Operations and Drive Cost Savings

Automate Processes To Speed Operations and Drive Cost Savings

Automation Technology The most successful and profitable staffing firms are becoming highly automated using a wide range of technologies. At StaffingTec365, our experts will discuss how staffing firms are automating routine processes throughout their firms using technologies that require minimal programming. Learn at StaffingTec365 how automation technology will enable your firm to offer differentiated services […]