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Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solutions for Staffing

StaffingTec’s top picks for staffing industry recruitment process outsourcing solutions

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is the process of sourcing, recruiting, and hiring being outsourced to positively impact productivity and profit. An RPO provider acts as an extension of a company’s HR, delivering the necessary staff and technology necessary to fulfil a company’s recruitment requirements. 

Staffing agency recruitment process outsourcing solutions can include scaled sourcing, executive search, lead generation, candidate interviewing, negotiation of pay rates, reference checking, government required credentialing, and much more.

It can be difficult to know what solutions will benefit your business the most. Recruitment process outsourcing software is something that can greatly assist your business, large or small. It’s important that you choose one that is easy to use, easy to implement, and within your budget.

To help you find the best recruitment process outsourcing solution, we’ve researched a wide range of companies and put together a collection of our top picks for staffing industry RPO solutions.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

247 Headhunting

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

IMS People

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

iPlace USA

Recruitment Process Outsourcing